Class enrollment confusion

    After years of changing enrollment methods, FHSD has a program that will hopefully last.

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    Selfless Schneider
    May 12, 2017

    Now is a busy time for all of us. We are entering second semester, teachers are preparing us for EOCs or AP testing,and seniors are worried about getting into college. Things are hectic, and on top of all of that, we are enrolling in classes for the 2016-2017 school year. As difficult as it is to decide which classes to take, the process just adds to the stress. According to guidance counselor Kris Miller, our school district has used 3 mediums of enrollment over the past 6 years. First we used paper forms to enroll, then went directly through Infinite Campus for three years, and in the past two years, we have used Career Cruising.This means the current juniors have had to learn three different ways to do the same thing since sixth grade.

    Seems unnecessary, right? The reason for all of the change, however, comes back to efficiency, says Miller. The paper method failed because of the time it takes to get the classes entered. Not only did it take counselors’ time to meet with students, but it took longer to enter their data. For this reason, the school district switched to Infinite Campus and then to Career Cruising once the district purchased it.

    The switches did help make it easier for the staff to process the decisions, but it has also made it harder for students and teachers. The fact that the way we enroll in classes a different way every couple years makes it impossible for students to remember how to do it without prompting. This is mostly a problem because it wastes class time. Instead of being in class, teachers lose a day so students can learn a new way to do the same thing they’ve done since middle school. Keeping one system would protect class time since students would not have to relearn, only be reminded.

    Fortunately, Miller believes the district will be sticking with Career Cruising longer because it enables students to create four year plans and enroll in classes directly. While there are still bugs in the system, guidance is working on evaluating the program so we can continue using this program for years to come.