Well deserved trust

What to write about that can be put on the school website. Hmph. I could write about the same ole same ole; blah blah college, blah blah Jayden, blah blah life. I feel like I’m constantly complaining about the same thing on this blog. I’m honestly surprised I have constant viewers, week, after week. I mean, I understand some times, I’m freaking hilarious. No shame. Most of the time all I do is complain. Like, right now. I’m complaining about you enjoying reading about my messed up life. How cool am I?

So, that was supposed to send me on a tangent into something actually interesting to write about, because I feel like I don’t have anything to write about this week.

Light bulb. Kind of. So, I love when my parents randomly start to care about what’s going on in my life. I go to JJ’s house 6 out of the 7 days in a week. The one out of seven is usually when she’s working, and even then I’m usually at her house without her. On Monday, I was leaving to spend the night, when I got off work, and my dad’s like, “who said you can go? It’s a school night, blah blah blah.” I’m just like, what?! I do this pretty much every night, since when do you care? I always do whatever I want. Always.

I’m not trying to be all bratty, nor am I a brat, but I do get whatever it is that I want, within reason. I’m not necessarily spoiled, I just know how to work everything, so that it ends well in my favor. I’d like to think of myself as more of a manipulative soul, than a brat. I’m just good at it. But, there’s always that random day when they decide to care, to question what it is I’m doing. Like, what? Really? Yesterday, I could’ve said that I was going to a whore house, and they would’ve been like, “okay, don’t catch anything.” Okay, not exactly those words, but they wouldn’t have cared, until they decide out of nowhere to care. It’s literally the most annoying thing ever.

For instance, they don’t care if I have guys over when they’re not home, but ‘God’ forbid, I watch MTV. My dad has all of the good channels blocked, so I don’t get an unrealistic view of life, but at the same time I feel like they want me to end up like those teen mom girls, not that I would hate it if I had a baby, so that I can see what it was like for them. Seriously, I’ve made it 18 years without doing anything stupid like that, I think I’ll be okay. When can I earn your trust when I actually don’t need it? That would be kind of fantastic. Thanks.