Jazz competitions come and go

Yesterday, the Jazz Band and the Jazz Ensemble visited Fort Zumwalt North for a jazz competition. Upon leaving sixth hour, they boarded a bus and were on their way.

At competitions such as these, the band is ushered in to perform for panel of judges, most of whom, who are esteemed musicians themselves. One of the judges at the competition yesterday was Harry Waters, a famous trombonist who, according to senior Michael Barbara, is “crazy good.”

“I feel like the Jazz Ensemble is very prepared for the competition, but at the same time, I think that this competition has kind of snuck up on us,” said Barbara. “I had kind of forgotten that we had this competition on the horizon.”

Now that the competition has come and gone, most have good feelings about how things went.

“We didn’t get an overall score from the judges, but we got a lot of feedback and individual awards,” said Barbara. “Yesterday was just an overall good experience. We had a good time.”

Some of the student who were individually recognized inclue Tyler Jones, Elliot Russo, Kurt Carlson, and Drew Anderson.