Winter break puts a halt to step team performance

At the winter pep assembly, the step team had its first performance in front of the entire school. The step team’s routine left mixed feelings from the performers and audience.

According to senior Morgan Otey, the audience got more than they had hoped for.

“I think people were pleasantly surprised,” Otey said. “I enjoyed their swag, but the acoustics in the gym sucked; they could have been louder.”

The team performed a routine that had been choreographed two days in advance.

“We don’t want to do the same routines all the time,” senior Janiala Bonner said. “They wanted me to make up a new step, but I wasn’t going to be there for the assembly.”

According to Bonner, the team’s section leaders were supposed to meet over winter break to make up new routines to use for the assembly.

“What really messed us up was winter break; we didn’t end up practicing,” said Bonner. “We had all of these plans to start the step with people in the bleachers, but it didn’t come together.”

With practices two days a week, the team plans to prepare new routines to perform at home basketball games and possibly the spring pep assembly.