Central hockey melts the ice

Despite the many shots against Marquette’s goalie, Central still fell short on Friday night’s state game for the Wickenheiser Cup at 4-2. The game, held at the Scottrade Center, was the highlight of the season which drew many cheering FHC fans from the basketball game to support their fellow Spartans on the rink.

Central faced a high level of competition against Marquette, whose team boasted the sons of former professional hockey players, Kelly Chase and Rick Zombo. As Central may have lacked that pedigree, Central maintained something Marquette didn’t have, a calm demeanor. In the third period, Marquette’s Garrett Zombo, took a jab at Central’s Brock Shearon, resulting in a fight near Marquette’s goal. Throughout the game, the audience had their eyes glued to the rink and when the last buzzer rang, it shocked many that the game was already over. Central, defeated, ended the game with a fight, and one that will not be forgotten.

“It was something you had to take in, playing something that large scale, you just can’t go in thinking it’s a normal game,” said senior captain Matt Gregg.