Art Club begins printmaking T-shirts

Art Club began creating the Leap Day Year T-shirts on Feb. 21 after school. The club is printmaking the T-shirts, like they have in the past. According to Art Club Sponsor Amy Roesslein, the club has always used printmaking to create the T-shirts.

“It’s cheaper to use printmaking to make the T-shirts. All of our past shirts have been print-made,” Mrs. Roesslein said.

Many of the Art Club members are students in art classes, including the printmaking, which is also a contributing factor to why they are using the printmaking techniques to make the T-shirts.

Since the original sale dates during lunches on Feb. 1-3, more T-shirts have been sold, but mostly just to teachers and staff. Art Club will be making the T-shirts this week and will distribute them on Monday and Tuesday.