Choir prepares for Festival

As the quarter comes to a close, choir is focusing on the Fest Music Festival that they will be attending on Friday, Feb. 24. The festival is hosted by Missouri Baptist University. All of choir can attend, and each group will sing two songs. Then, they will receive comments, there is not a prize for a winning team, besides the helpful criticism to help them improve.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Director Elisabeth Baird. “Every student will be going, so it gives everyone a chance to showcase their talents.”

Choir could not do anything that they have without the help of administration, according to Baird.

“We would like to thank Principal [Dr. Sonny Arnel],” said Baird. “Without his, along with the other administrator’s support, we wouldn’t be entering as many concerts as we are, they are a huge help.”

Students are thrilled that they get to do so much this year. Senior Kayla Kammermeyer has found that this is the best way to end her high school education.

“I’m so thankful for all that we’ve been given the opportunity to do this year,” said Kammermeyer. “[Baird] is a great director, she is so involved, this was a good first year for her.”