Hitting the ground running

The boys track and field team prepares for their first meet

The Francis Howell Central’s boys track and field team’s season has just begun, but the boys have been preparing since the year began.

Junior Samuel Drnec says the team has been doing pre-season workouts for a while now.

“They started early January, I think. They weren’t too bad because they’re not as hard as they are during the season, but we’re just trying to stay in shape,” Drnec said.

However, as the season progresses, the team is picking up speed. Sophomore Alexander Juan is feeling the heat as the meet gets closer and closer.

“We’ve had practice every day for two weeks now and it’s been very hard,” Juan said.

Not only do the boys have practice to attend to, but they also work on keeping in shape to perform to the best of their abilities.

“We do hard workouts every day but Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,” Juan said

The boys track and field team has been working toward a common goal – success. They already have seen progress and believe there will be some triumphant moments this season, and even state-worthy members on the team.

“Well, as of now, it’s looking pretty good. There are some people who should make it pretty far this year. Probably a couple will make state,” Drnec said.

Some, however, believe it is too early in the season to truly tell and went off of previous data from Francis Howell Central.

“We’ll probably have a couple people make it to state as usual, I don’t know if we’ll win anything, we’ll be average – we’re not amazing, but we’re not bad,” Juan said.

Regardless of perspective, the team is still working through challenges and ready to compete. Their first meet is today, Fri. Mar. 18th at Timberland.