Choir plans for upcoming festival

On Sat. March 10, 20 students from choir will be preforming in the District Solo and Small Ensemble Festival. They will have 15 soloists, and two ensembles will perform. The festival takes place between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., at Fort Zumwalt East.

Each year, MSHSAA, Missouri State High School Athletics Association, plans festivals for state high schools, and develops a rating system to judge how well they did.

“The [choir members] will be rated based off of their performance,” said Director Elisabeth Baird, “It’s a scale from one to five, superior, excellent, good, fair, and weak.”

Unlike any other sanctioned events, there are no classifications because the schools are not competing against each other.

“They are competing against themselves,” said Baird. “They are trying to get better, and learn from their mistakes.”

The students are trying to see how far they have come, how far they have improved and what they can improve on.