Teeing Off to a Great Season


Abram Cutshall, Reporter

Spring sports are officially underway, more specifically, boys golf! For most people, golf is just a background noise to their Sunday afternoon nap. We hardly ever sit down to watch a golf match unless it’s the Master’s tournament where we all become golf enthusiasts for a weekend. But for these boys, golf is more than just a hobby or something to pass the time.

For Sophomore Kevin Flett, golf is a sport he can enjoy and not have to worry about letting anyone down but himself.

“I like golf because it is a very individual sport it is very self driven and a lot of it is how well you do personally,” said Flett. “You’re not really playing with a team you’re more of playing for yourself.”

For junior CJ Eddy, golf is a family tradition. In fact, his grandpa owns a golf course.

“I’ve been playing golf since fifth grade,” said Eddy “ My dad plays golf my grandparents play golf, it’s just kinda in the family.”

Senior Richard Ford loves golf because it gives him a sense of freedom and open air.

“There’s a unique atmosphere to it, I’m not crammed inside or confined to any space at all really,” said Ford. “I play golf because it’s fun and I can easily pick up play.”

For freshman Chris Herman, this is his first time playing on a competitive team.

“I’ve played golf in the past and I just decided to go out for the team and see if I made it or not, and I made JV,” Said Herman. “I really like the people who play the game, they respect everyone and how you play. There’s nothing to really be mad about during the game, which is why I really like golf.”

Whatever comes their way, the Spartan golf team is ready to make this year a hole-in-one!