Band members make it to state competition

On March 10, the district solo and small ensemble competitions took place, setting the stage for future competitions. The students who performed well would be the lucky ones deemed qualified for state competition.

The district competition serves as a gathering place for band members with talent; everyone attends hoping for a solid judgement on their particular talent.

At this competition, every instrument or ensemble type has its own particular room with a judge inside, ready to provide feedback. Each student or group of students then performs and receives a score ranging from one to five, one being the qualification for state.

This year, senior Sara Orlet, who plays the clarinet, was one of the students who has reached the appropriate skill level for state competition on April 28.

“I’m so excited for [state]!” said Orlet. “I’ve never been before, so it’s really exciting.”

Her qualifying ensemble includes herself, senior Becca Vadalabene, and senior Jazmyn Burnitt Erp.

“We know it’s going to be a big competition, so we’ll keep practicing and adding more musical touches to our song, Trail to Sunny Point, before we go. It should be a really fun night.”