Theatre prepares for pre-production week

With the theatre department’s performance of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” only two weeks away, the theatre department is about to enter its pre-production week.

With the performance days looming so close, a majority of the work has already been completed. However, most of the crews still need to add the finishing touches to their additions to the show.

“We’re all cleaning up for run throughs and trying to finish up,” said sophomore Brianna Little, costumes crew head. “Costumes is really close, we should be done by Tuesday.”

Once theatre enters pre-production week, most of the participants spend a majority of their day at school, and will be doing a large amount of work to try to put the show together. According to Little, there is not much of a difference during the actual production.

“There are a lot of dress rehearsals and run throughs, so we have to stay late,” said Little. “It’s a lot like a show night.”

Once the production crews wrap up their duties, a few of them will move on to crews that only exist during the performance nights.

“There’s this thing called running crew during production (and pre-production) that help with moving things on and offstage, or with other things backstage,” said Little. “It’s only certain people from certain crews, though.”

The members who are selected for running crew generally have jobs pertaining to their earlier crews. Little, as costumes head, is working backstage to help actors with their costumes.

“I’m helping with quick changes, and letting the actors know when to wear what,” said Little.

The theatre department will be showing “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” April 12, 13 and 14.