Students success earns them the silver shield award.

Every year, the Silver Shield award is given away to certain students from teachers who thought that student deserved the award in one way or another. The award is an honor to receive, according to junior Emily Snider.

“Winning an award of this caliber really boosts my confidence!” senior Drew Oliver says.

After a teacher picks a student he or she wants to give the award to, they are not allowed to reveal who they picked until the ceremony is held. Here, teachers say a few words about why they picked that student.

“I pick someone for different reasons each year, sometimes I pick a student because of how much progress they’ve made in the year, or because they have inspired me in some sort of way, and sometimes it’s just because they had good grades all year,” said English teacher Mrs. Sarah Martens.

According to Mrs. Martens, she loves when people are always happy and nice, and especially when people give her compliments about her teaching style. This year, she chose freshman Shatia Duval for those reasons exactly.

“This year, I picked freshman Shatia Duval because she is always a happy girl, and is always the first one to come in and say hi to me and start a conversation,” Mrs. Martens said. “Not to mention the compliments she always gives me! She made me feel much better about myself as a teacher.”

The Silver Shield ceremony was held March 29.