Love is all you need

This week my blog will not be about me. It’s gonna be about JJ. I’m so happy for her; she’s no longer #foreveralone. Johnny, her boyfriend to be — that she has been having an emotional affair with — has finally ended his relationship with his crazy girlfriend. They’re so cute together; it’s adorable.

Enough about them, now about me. With their blossoming relationship, I am very conscious about being alone. Therefore, Johnny and JJ have agreed, I will live in their basement once they’re married. I’ll live with my cats until they have a second baby; a baby who will be given to me. I think this will suffice, I don’t need love. Love is overrated.

Okay, no it’s not. I will pretend I don’t need anyone and being forever alone is okay as long as I have to. Push the feelings away to make it go away; kind of like if your symptoms go away, nothing is wrong with you … Right? No defect here.

Now, let’s get real. I’m so happy for JJ. It’s ridiculous how much she deserves this. She is such an amazing person, but I feel like she never gets what she deserves. She finally is. He is perfect and cute. And funny. And smart. And I’m rambling. We made a deal, months back, that she could have him if I could have Matthew Grey Gubler, Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, and she agreed. That, my friends, is commitment.

Let’s be clear, I am a little bit jealous of their relationship, but that’s not why I’m complaining. I wish I had ‘that’ guy too. I’m actually convinced Joziah is dead. No big deal, I guess I’ll find out later. I’m just kind of afraid that I’ll be left in the dust. I love them together, I love getting the “OMG he kissed me” and “It happened, I kissed her” texts. I love all the gushy happiness, but hey, what about me down here? I’m still alone and I’m not really looking forward to being the third wheel. Let’s be honest, even if they say it won’t be like that, it will. It kind of already is and I’m a little bit jelly. I always thought that when everything worked out between JJ and Johnny, I’d be happy with Joziah, and we’d be cute couples hanging out. Wow, that was not in the least bit sappy, ew. That’s not me. I just want to be able to talk about cute things with her without feeling like stabbing myself, because I don’t have that. That was more like me. Balance kids, balance. I just want everything to be somewhat Crazy Good for me too.