Breaking point

I’m running out of patience. Let me start off to say, I’m about to talk about one of my classes. The events are real, but I will not say any names, nor will I tell what class it is, or when I have it. I’m so frustrated with this class. I know people are always saying that teachers have something against them, but I seriously think my teacher hates me. She has refused to let me turn in homework, even on a day when I was crying from a horrible fight with my parents. She has just not given me homework. She just gave the worksheet to the girl behind me to pass down my row. Just last week she ‘lost’ my quiz, gave me a big fat zero and won’t let me retake it. I’m just so done, I want to drop the class so bad, I’m going to fail it either way.

I’ve talked to my counselor, and she doesn’t want me to drop, so I don’t have an F on my transcript, but at this point I don’t care. I’ve reached my breaking point and that F is going to be there either way, I’m done trying. I would rather not have to sit in that class, with people I hate, just to not pass it. I have never failed, nor done even close to this bad in any class in my entire life, and I cannot take the stress. I am to the point of tears. I don’t want to see or speak to that woman ever again; none of it is fair. Even my counselor said she can’t refuse to let me retake it and just give me a zero.

Let’s see what else I can complain about in a last small paragraph, shall we? My parents are constantly making me want to shoot myself in the head; they put so much stress on me. I need to clean, even though they’ve recently hired a maid. I have to be watching Jayden or doing something that benefits them at all times. I had to drag my dad out of the house to change my headlight, but I have to drop everything I’m doing so that Consuela doesn’t think we’re messy people. They’re ridiculous. Yesterday, I found out my sister might have cancer, and my mom is refusing to help pay for her medications. I hate my sister, she has abused me, lied to me, stolen from me and done every other awful thing you could do to your own flesh and blood, and yet I’m still terrified to lose her. I don’t care what kind of person she is, you should want to help your kid out in times like that. My parents just… How could you do such a thing?