Poor weather delays Light the Field event

    Friday, August 19th, due to bad weather, Student Council’s second annual Light the Field event was cancelled and expected to be rescheduled.

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    Selfless Schneider
    May 12, 2017

    Ravyn Motsinger

    The football team plays as the first signs of bad weather occur.

    Friday night, this season’s first home football game, experienced some bad weather causing the game to be delayed. The game did not end up coming to a close until after 11 p.m. Due to the poor weather, and the delayed end, Light the Field was cancelled and will be rescheduled. Students attending were getting anxious waiting for the on and off football game, so the Student Council leaders and sponsor made the call to postpone the cancer awareness walk to a later date. The date has yet to be decided, but will be announced shortly.