Teresa Odle

“We have a lot of stuff to do today!” This can be heard when walking into a class full of intelligent students and an incredible teacher.

The teacher of this class makes the day exciting with her interesting lessons, helpful spirit and encouraging motivation. She makes it easy to read, write and learn because of the different mediums of learning she uses.

Very rarely does she make us sit through two days in a row of the same thing. She uses relatable and satisfying movies to entertain her students while still educating. Group activities are often used in this class to allow students to socialize and have fun with other students.

Not only are her teaching strategies exceptional, she loves to assist her students. If I have a question, there is no way I would be afraid to ask because I know she will help me. Her wise words help greatly with exceeding in not only her class but many others. She prepares her students for upper level classes and teaches skills that help her students become more well-rounded.

The friendly atmosphere of this teacher’s class is pleasing to enter after lunch because it is very relaxing to know a teacher is happy to be here and happy to be teaching. She motivates her students to do well and gets a positive response because we know she will appreciate our hard work.

Another reason this teacher is so admirable is because she makes sure her students know she is there for them. If a student has a problem, this teacher will go out of her way to solve the problem.

Overall, this teacher is very kind and inspirational. Mrs. Odle makes the day interesting and exciting. She is an important part of the teaching staff and important to many students. Thank you Mrs. Odle for making my day along with many other students.