Ikeda and Jones place first but Howell takes the tournament

Angel Ikeda and Kenzie Jones fight their way into first place in doubles tennis but Howell wins overall.

The Spartan tennis squad took on the Francis Howell Central doubles tennis tournament on September 2nd coming out a little short of a tournament win.  


Although senior Angel Ikeda and freshman McKenzie Jones took first place in number three doubles, sophomore Brynlee Hendricks and senior Veronica Zieman placed third in number four doubles, while pairs sophomore Tori Ikeda and senior Haley Anderson and senior Maddie Gunnell and junior Jennifer Ferry didn’t even place in numbers two and one doubles.


Personally, Angel Ikeda felt confident in how she played in the tournament.  She talked about how her chemistry with her partner and how she felt helped her.  


“I felt like I did pretty good.  I felt like my game was really on that day, and like everything just like the chemistry between me and McKenzie got really good so that made me play better and gave me that confidence boost,” said Angel.


Angel and her partner were able to take first place in their specific division of doubles.  The key, according to Jones, is staying positive.


Jones said, “[Angel and I] did good, it was fun even though we kinda did good, then bad, then good again.  We try to stay positive and try to help each other out.”


Unfortunately for the Spartans, rival Francis Howell won the tournament overall.  Francis Howell North took second followed by Timberland who took third.  FHC finished out at fourth.


“I don’t really think that’s where we wanted to end up, but as the year goes on we learn from our mistakes and our losses and stuff are just going to make us better for the end of the year for when it really matters,” Angel said.


Fourth place truly isn’t something to brag about, but it is something to learn from.  According to Angel, no one should really worry about where the tennis squad placed because the end of the year is where wins really matter.


The tennis team is truly like a “family” especially when the going gets tough.  Even when having an off day the team appears to be positive and in good spirits.


“We are just kind of like a family so we really just kind of try to help each other out,” said Jones.


The next tennis match is at home on Wednesday, September 14th against Saint Charles West.