Starting the season off right

We interviewed the JV and Varsity girls volleyball team about their first game

On August 22, 2016, students and parents filled the stands to watch FHC girl’s JV and Varsity volleyball teams play against Holt for their first game. With great effort put in by both teams, JV beat Holt 25-20 and Varsity sadly lost 22-25. Both games, however, had the crowd cheering and on the edge of their seats.

What seemed to be a strong start during the first set for the JV team, scoring the first point turned into a lost, 21-25. The girls began to up their game battling for another chance at victory with a score of 28-26 in set two. Finally at set three, although Holt had 4 point lead, the ladies quickly caught up killing the game with a end score of 25-20. JV coach, Julie Gronek had no worries about them taking home the win.

“You could tell in the first set they were a bit nervous, being the first game they weren’t really sure what to expect but…I felt like we played to our abilities and luckily able to squeeze out a victory”, said Gronek.  

As for Varsity, the girls played hard, winning the first set 25-23, but then losing the second set at a nail biting game to 24-26 and third set at 22-25. Despite their loss, both the coach, Mark McAfee, and the players are looking forward to a great season.

“Even though we lost it was a really good game we all worked our butts off, you could tell not a single person walked off the court feeling like they didn’t play their best even though there were moments in the game that could’ve gone better for us,” said varsity player Rachel Emery.

“We did a lot of good things and we did a lot of bad things and as I told them after..we make our best improvements between our first and second match and we will see if that holds true,” said McAfee.