Soccer team brings home victory



Goalie Nathan Smith warms up before a game. The soccer team are 8-9.

Jessica Fults

The boy’s varsity soccer team won against Troy Buchanan on Oct. 4 by a score of 2-0. This can be chalked up to teamwork and a great practice routine.

The practice regime for the soccer team is designed to set the soccer players up for success and prevent injuries.
Senior Nathan Smith, the goalkeeper for the team, explains what happens at the soccer practices.

“We practice everyday after school unless we have a game. We practice for about two to two and a half hours, and we’ll practice Saturday mornings,” Smith said. “We do a lot of aerobic stretching, we jog back and forth and then we circle back and stretch out to make sure we’re loose and ready to go so we don’t get hurt.”

When asked about the highlight of the game, Smith answered proudly.

“After halftime, we came out and we scored within the first minute, so that was pretty cool to be able to score right after a break,” Smith said.

Joey Mueller, who had been playing soccer since he was in preschool, talks about a big accomplishment during the game.

“It was scoring a goal, because I don’t really score often, and also helping out for the next goal, starting the play,” Mueller said.

Muehler confirmed that his goal was assisted by Bobby Hubbard, a sophomore, and it was the highlight of the game.

“We played pretty well, and we won so that’s a pretty big accomplishment,” junior Armen Grigorian said.