Art Club floats on

As the year begins, it is time once again for the Homecoming parade. This is known as a time when Art Club and Theatre go head-to-head in the float competition. The woman behind Art Club, Ms. Amy Roesslein, is planning for a win this year. After the break of their 12-year winning streak when Theatre took first place in 2010, Ms. Roesslein’s passion for the float is even stronger than it was during the 12 years they won.

“The students put so much work into the float, they deserve to win. I’m not doing this for the win, I’m doing it for them. It’s about them, not me.” says Ms. Roesslein.

Don’t expect Art Club to take a break after the float, because they have also been working on painting the Nurse’s office.

“Last year the nurses came to me and told me they were tired of looking at the same boring walls all day, and asked me if we could paint them,” Ms. Roesslein said. “We decided to do the four seasons on the four different walls in the office.”

Art Club has already started on the summer themed wall in the office, and are very excited to make further progress with the mural, According to Ms. Roesslein. Ms. Roesslein is not the only one passionate about the Art Club, but so are the very dedicated members.

“Art Club is really important to us. It gives us a chance to create things that other artists in the past have,” said sophomore member Ashley Creel.