A challenging beginning

The Spotlight Players have begun preparing for its first production of the year, “The Boys Next Door.” One of the two main stages this year, “The Boys Next Door” follows the lives of four mentally handicapped boys living together in a group home, according to senior and student director Jasmine Chandler. The play was chosen because of the deep story.

Ms. [Michelle] Moll chose it because it’s a really good show that breaks down the barrier between the mentally handicapped and others,” Chandler said.

Because of the controversial subject matter, Chandler believes the play will be a challenge for not only the actors, but the group as a whole, as some things may be found offensive.

“You have to be careful with what you say as it may offend people,” Chandler said. “We’ve had to delete some scenes because of that.”

The show will take place on Nov. 8, 9, and 12 and will feature juniors John Emery, Charlie Grant, and Evan Richard, along with seniors Andrew Henke and Ben Patty.