Answering college questions

With the stress of school weighing down, too many seniors fall into the pitfalls of applying to college.

Kenzie Morris

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Senior Synopses
May 17, 2017

Graduation is just around the corner, and it is time for us to start applying to college.

Now is around the time when more selective schools’ application deadlines are beginning to pop up. Some of us already turned in applications for early action and decision consideration on Nov. 1, but more deadlines are coming up fast for December and Jan. 1. Many of the students competing to get into these particular colleges are expected to drown themselves in seven AP classes, be a leader in at least a few clubs, volunteer, have a part time job, and find the time to take care of their own mental health by being social. All the while, colleges want these students’ applications to be in right when school is going into overdrive.

The stress setting in and university impatience leads us to rush to get everything in on time, too many of us becoming victims to the common pitfalls of exactly what colleges don’t want to see. Below are some helpful answers to all your college application questions.

Now, stop procrastinating, start your essays, and get yourself into college! Good luck!

What do colleges want to see in personal statements?

What should I avoid on my application?

What do colleges want in regards to extracurriculars?

Should I do the alumni interview, if offered, and how do I prepare?

Who should write my recommendation letters?