GSA: Revamped

Everyone wants to make a difference in life. Seldom does one get the chance to truly do that in a high-school environment though. However, the Gay Straight Alliance focuses on bettering the relationships between people of all sexual preferences, and creating a peaceful and accepting environment at school and in the community.

The GSA is busy making plans to make sure this goal is achieved. At their first meeting, members discussed how this year is going to be much more efficient than last. Senior Amy Sweeney, is the president of the club.

“We’re hoping this year to have more consistency. Last year, we really didn’t have a lot of support. People came to the first meeting, but not the others. We want more people to truly want to be there. We’re pretty much considering this the first year of GSA since last year was so unsuccessful,” said Sweeney.

Last year was the first year that the school had a Gay Straight Alliance club. Lack of consistency was most likely a result of this, as they were simply trying to get the word out about their club to get it started.

It seems as though it would be hard to think of ways to improve such a situation. But vice president, senior, James Pugh is determined now more than ever.

“This year we really hope to make our presence known in the school; visibility is our main priority. We hope to have some fundraisers and maybe even some school-wide events,” said Pugh.

The GSA’s next meeting will be held Sept. 5th in room 129 at 7 a.m. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.