Art Club prepares for war.

Art Club continues to work diligently on their float, making strong progress, according to the sponsor Amy Roesslein.

“I’m very hopeful for a win this year,” said Roesslein.

They have entered the second stage of making the float, moving from working at the school to a house somewhere off campus. Possibilities of Art Club winning this year are looking pretty positive with all of the dedicated Art Club students.

“Everything is a little on the hush hush right now. We are making progress though,” said senior Art Club member Matt Peterson.

According to Peterson, they are in the process of “pomping” at the moment. Pomping is a technique Art Club uses in which they wrap a tissue around their finger, dip it in glue then apply it to the chicken wire. They also have the spartan completely formed and ready to go! They are planning on moving on to the second phase of the float by the end of the week