More to Offer

FHC’s art department is one of the more colorful departments in the school. Its hallway, an oasis of liveliness and culture among the drab that are the white cinder block walls of the school, is always decorated with a variety of student’s artwork ranging from sculptures to self portraits.

Intro to art is a common choice for students looking to satisfy their fine art credit, and as for those who wish to further their learning, there are several more classes available. From AP Art History to Graphic design, to Sculpture and Drawing, chances are that if someone is interested in a certain area of study in art, there’s a class for it. But a pallette of classes isn’t all the Art Department has to offer.

“The Fine Art Festival will be back this winter” said department chair Mrs. Amy Roesslein.

Last year the Fine Art Festival not only featured countless works from students at FHC, but also a stage for open mic performances. There was also a table featuring make up demonstrations from theatre, as well as an improvised improv group and actors walking around in costume.

“We’re definitely going to do the Fine Art Festival again,” said Ms. Michelle Moll, director of theatre and the only member of the Drama Department at FHC.

Keep an eye out for new previews of the artistic talents at FHC in the Art hallway as well as the Fine Art Festival this winter.