Art club comes out victorious

Last week was a nerve racking day for both the Theatre Department and the Art Club. Both clubs were anxiously awaiting to square off against each other in the homecoming float parade.

“I was calm while waiting on the results. Honestly, I was pretty confident that we’d win this year due to all the hard work and dedication put forth by the students; I just wish there were more floats in the parade,” said Art Club sponsor Mrs. Amy Roesslein.

Mrs. Roesslein’s hopes were answered when the Art Club won the parade last Thursday after weeks of working practically every day after school and even spending time on the weekends pomping (a technique used when creating chicken wire structures) and preparing for last week. Art Club has been the reigning champion of the parade for twelve years before theatre won two years ago, but since then they’ve won each year since.

On the other side, theatre is feeling disappointed, but happy they still won second place.

“It’s like we won something, without actually winning something. Like winning bronze in the Olympics. We did good enough to get bronze, but not gold,” said theatre member, junior Charlie Grant.

Theatre has been in the competition ever since it started sixteen years ago, Art Club being their main opponent since. They both put equal work into the float and the presentation of each float during the parade, but at the end of the day a winner has to be chosen.

“Being happy for winning and being happy for placing isn’t close to being the same thing, but at least you’re happy for something,” said Grant. “I’m happy for them though; good for them.”

Art club is taking pride in this win, as they have every year they’ve won. After all the hard work and time spent after school, it’s nice to see it all pay off, according to senior Art Club member Ryan Humphrey.

“It brings more pride to the art club and to the arts in general when we win the competition; it makes all the work and time worth it,” said Humphrey.