The power of hands

Laura Weiss, photographer

“‘The hand’ is but another name for human skill, power, and usefulness, and for the studied adaptation of means to ends.” – Bible Hub

Us humans use our hands for unbelievable purposes. We use hands  to create, show affection, take lives, save lives, convey emotion, hurt others, help others, and an infinite amount of other actions. We are unaware of the true ability that the simplistic concept of hands can do. The purpose of this gallery is to appreciate and understand how beautiful hands can actually be (and not by being a hand model). These hands are of our Francis Howell Central’s Publications, Room 139, where students create stories, shoot events, and portray how Spartan life is lived everyday in a single year of high school. The importance of hands is underrated. The next time you observe others, pay attention to their hands: are they well-kept? Dry? Scarred? Moisturized with Bath and Body Works product? Their display may actually tell you what kind of person they are. Whether they’re “pretty” or not, all hands have the same ability as anyone else’s , all serving a purpose.