Not so sorry Rams

It appears the Chicago Cubs are no longer the most hated team in St. Louis, and it’s not their neighbors, the Blackhawks, that have claimed this prestigious title. Oh no, it’s our friendly neighborhood Rams that have the honor of being St. Louis’ least-cherished sports franchise.

I may sound nuts, but this is definitely not crazy talk. As a Rams fan since the “Greatest Show on Turf” days, I have seen it all when it comes to the city’s football team. From the glory days of Marc Bulger (yes, even he was good) to Steve Spagnuolo’s three years of mediocrity, I have first-hand experience with how Rams fans have been treated over the years. And I think it’s fair to say that Rams fans are now at the same level as Cubs fans in the city of St. Louis.

The Monday after a Rams loss, I enter school and I’m met by a barrage of “Rams suck” comments from my fellow classmates. The Captain Obvious’ don’t stop there, as the haters take to social media and constantly make the obligatory “same old, sorry Rams” statements.

The funny thing about these loudmouths is the fact that when the Rams show a little bit of improvement, they begin to creep out of the woodwork and show their pretty little faces. This was most apparent when the Rams were on the verge of a playoff berth in 2010 (which goes unnoticed by most St. Louisans). A win against the Seattle Seahawks would put them into the playoffs for the first time since 2004, and these so-called “fans” voiced their support for what was suddenly their favorite team. Alas, the Rams suffered a devastating loss in what was a poor excuse for a football game, and once again, these “fans” reverted to their old ways. My one week free of Rams hate was gone.

Two years later and the Rams are in the same predicament as before. The team is coming off a 2-14 season and patience has worn thin in St. Louis, and understandably so. The team has consistently been a bottom feeder in the NFL since 2007. But it’s 2012, and the the team is now on the rise. At a respectable record of 1-2, the Rams are now creating an identity within the league, something the team has lacked during its dark days.

Yet, the fair weather fans continue to put the blinders on and make ignorant comments about how bad the Rams are. They don’t take the time to actually watch the much improved Rams team, and instead, opt to look at the box score in the Post-Dispatch the following day. So, not only do these people sound like a broken record, but they are also making ludicrous statements that they just can’t back up.

Now, I’m not saying this Rams team is in elite status. Its game against the Chicago Bears provided a dose of harsh reality and greatly exposed the team’s weaknesses. But to speak of this team like its the same one that had Keith Null and Kyle Boller throwing picks left and right en route to a one win season is absolutely ridiculous. The team’s receiving corps is much improved compared to the tandem of Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton, with Danny Amendola leading the way with 296 yards, which ranks number four in the NFL, according to Before last Sunday’s loss to the Bears, Sam Bradford’s rating was above the 100 mark. In addition, the team is the youngest in the league, with rookie studs like Janoris Jenkins and Daryl Richardson showing great potential, which means the future is bright for this squad.

And with that, I encourage all to actually watch a game before bashing this 2012 Rams team. Instead of reading of the statistics from ESPN, watch the team’s upcoming contest against the Seahawks this Sunday.

If you see the same old, sorry Rams, then you have my permission to whine.