Art club takes a rest after a deserved victory.

Just two weeks ago, Art club stole the parade away with their float, winning first place. And according to Art Club Sponsor Ms. Amy Roesslein, they’re planning to keep the good work coming.

“Right now we’re taking a break, but when we return from fall break we’ll get right back to work with the murals in the Nurses Office,” said Ms. Roesslein.

The Art Club plan to paint all four of the walls in the nurses office, each wall being dedicated to the four seasons, summer, fall, winter and spring. According to Ms. Roesslein, the nurses said they were tired of looking at the same old boring white walls in the room, Art Club had apparently been looking for a room to paint, and the nurses took up the offer.

“The win feels absolutely fantastic, It made the work all worth it. But what we’re really excited for now is the Nurses Office, painting the walls will make a big impact and draw attention to the Art Club,” said Ms. Roesslein.