Art Club brightens the nurses’ office.

The nurses’ office, a place of rejuvenation and restoration, with its blank windowless white walls and dimly lit areas for students to lay down when they’re not feeling well, it is a place to either grab some much needed headache medicine or try to sleep off whatever ails them. The walls remain blank and white, with no windows. For students, this is perfectly fine. But how do Mrs. Cherven, Mrs. Goodby and Mrs. Gerling, the nurses that inhabit the blank room for 8 hours a day feel?

“We’ve grown bored of the white walls; without windows we almost feel secluded. We’re here 8 hours a day. Even for lunch, we eat in here. That’s why we went to Mrs. Roesslein and asked her if [she] and the art club could paint the walls and liven it up a bit for us,” said Mrs. Gerling.

The Art Club plans to paint murals on the walls of the nurses’ office, each wall dedicated to the four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring. Two murals are already completed: two peaceful beach scenes that look as if they are windows looking out onto a peaceful landscape.

“We’re extremely excited; the room feels almost dreary sometimes. But with the murals on the walls it’s like we have windows in our room. We believe that having art in the room will liven it up a bit,” said Mrs. Goodby.

The murals are set up to look like windows and to create a more peaceful atmosphere in the office. The nurses aren’t the only ones excited to get going on painting the office.

“Painting the murals is a lot of fun and it feels great to bring more art into the school. Kids will see this in the Nurses’ office and be inspired to do art, while being more at ease in a room filled with peaceful landscapes rather than a room with white, brick walls,” said Art Club sponsor Mrs. Amy Roesslein.

Art Club currently only has plans to work on the murals in the nurses’ office right now, with no plans for after the task is completed, according to Mrs. Roesslein.

“We take things one at a time: however, if anything comes up we’ll take it,” said Mrs. Roesslein.