Fall break halts rehearsal

Ordinary students were not the only ones enjoying the week and a half long fall break as the Spotlight Players also had the opportunity to escape some stress. With less than a month until the group’s play, “The Boys Next Door,” fall break gave the Spotlight Players one last lull before they hit the home stretch.

“In the past we have given up a good portion of break to rehearsal, but because of the extra rehearsal time, we were not in need of it as we were in the past,” senior Andrew Henke said.

Henke admits that the time off may have some negative effects, as any break does. However, this may have been a blessing in disguise.

“Everybody involved in extracurricular needs some breathing room as it might be heavy on the body. This allows people to step back and relax,” Henke said.

The actors bounced back rather quickly, per Henke. The group has easily returned to form following it’s week-long hiatus from rehearsal.

“We were finally getting our lines down [before the break], but I think we did not do too bad getting back in the swing of things,” Henke said.

The break had a more negative outcome for the crew, who, according to junior James Hurley, were already behind schedule.

“[The crew] could not put up any wall flats because of Saeger’s show,” Hurley said. “The week of homecoming also put us back because we were working on the float instead of the show.”

Despite delaying production, Hurley believes the break was actually beneficial in a way, providing some much needed time away from school.

“It helped us relieve some stress and get back on our feet and figure out some stuff that needed to be figured out,” Hurley said.

“The Boys Next Door” will take place on Nov. 8, 9, and 10, with the show beginning at 7 p.m. Only three weeks remain before the Spotlight Players take the stage in front of the school and family.

“We’ve realized how close the show really is,” Hurley said. “November seems far away, but it is really just around the corner.