Song of the week: “Feel Invincible” by Skillet

Alternative meets love, rock song


This is Skillet’s cover in their album, Unleashed.

Juliet Fuhrmann, Entertain Editor

This song is a rock, alternative song and it is about a guy that is going through a lot of crap but then he meets this girl, and she is so amazing that she makes him feel invincible and brave. I really love this song because one, thing is my type of genre and two, it’s the perfect relationship song that is not popular or cliche. The amount of rock in this song, with the electric guitar is amazing, it is what makes that song amazing. One thing that really catches my eye is nice guitar solos and this song is that. Whenever I just want to bang my head back and forth, have fun, I put this song on.

More songs by Skillet is found on Spotify, under the album Unleashed.