Weight lifting is good

    My view on girls weight lifting


    Haley Karlas

    Kaitlyn Chadwick working out sing the bench press, this will make her stronger in the arms and core

    I personally work out and lift weights myself and I love it. I have been doing this for around 8 months and I don’t only see a change in my appearance but how i feel about myself. I am now very confident and I’d like to say that I don’t take one’s crap as well. I am not bulky and big, I now have the beginning of a toned body and am getting stronger everyday. And it is no where near easy to do, because you are not gonna see results for a while, a month or two. But it’s truly an addiction, once you start and see what has changed and see this healthy lifestyle paying off, you will not want to stop. Every time I get that last set or rep done, the high you feel is amazing. It is kind of like runner’s high if you are a runner, you run so fast and far that you don’t feel the cramping, you just run. Weight lifting is my healthy go to every night. That is part of my daily routine and unless I am crammed with stuff that needs to be done, working out will happen. I have goals and those goals will be met. I have never felt the most healthy, confident and loaded with energy until now. So thank you squats and bench for that0