Missouri murderers

    Below are 5 Missouri murderers, some were born here, some came here to unleash the wickedness inside, some were just passing through when homicidal urges struck.

    1.John Edward Robinson- John Edward Robinson was born in 1943 in Illinois, he was an active serial killer from 1984 to 1999. He was prosecuted in 2003 for the kidnapping and murder of 3 women in Kansas and Missouri and given the death sentence for two. While in custody he admitted to 5 other homicides, though police suspect he had other victims because he met victims after 1993 in online chatrooms. Due to this fact, he is sometimes known as the internet’s first serial killer.

    2.Lisa Montgomery- Whilst she was born in Kansas, Lisa Montegomery travelled to Skidmore, MO to kill a pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnet. Montegomery found her victim online and told Stinnet she was pregnant. She convinced Stinnet to meet her under the pretense of buying her dog. Montegomery strangled Stinnet in her home and cut the unborn baby from Stinnet’s womb. She then attempted to pass the baby off as her own. Montegomery was found guilty by a jury in 2007.

    3.Robert Berdella- Robert Berdella raped, tortured, and killed at least six men from 1984 to 1987 in Kansas City. He would drug his victims and then hold them captive in his basement where he would torture and rape them through a period of time – some for a day, and others for weeks. A couple of his victims were sex workers and some were openly gay (he picked them up at gay bars). Asphyxiation and suffocation were the methods used to execute 3 of his victims, two are unknown, the last known victim escaped and called the police while Berdella was away. Berdella died in prison of a heart attack in 1992.

    4.Ray and Faye Copeland- Another murderous duo are Ray and Faye Copeland; the pair killed five to twelve people from 1986 to 1989. Though the old couple looked sweet, they were deadly to farm hands and employees and were convicted of killing five men on their Missouri ranch,. Ray was a known swindler and couldn’t sell his cattle in town anymore so he would hire hobos and drifters to sell the cattle for him. Afterward, they would mysteriously disappear. One of these men called the police and there was soon an investigation on the during which the police initially found 3 bodies. Faye was convicted of four counts of murder and one of manslaughter, and received four death sentences and one life without parole though the death sentences were eventually overturned.

    5.Joseph Paul Franklin- A serial killer active in 10 states including Missouri, Joseph Paul Franklin is rumoured to have anywhere from seven to twenty-two victims. He was executed in Missouri in Nov. 2013 after being active from 1977-1980. He was sentenced to six life sentences and the death sentence for several murders, but because of his change of accounts on multiple cases and not being charged on several accounts, police weren’t able to know the extent of his crimes. He claimed his murders were racially motivated and even once stated he wanted to “cleanse the world”; like Charles Manson he wanted to start a race war. An expert witness for the defense said Franklin was a paranoid schizophrenic so this may have been a reason Franklin killed people.