Kickin’ it into gear

    Francis Howell Central vs Ursuline.


    Zach Jones

    Sophomore Caitlyn Hendrix throws ball overhead. Spartans tie with Ursuline.

    The girls varsity soccer competed against Ursuline high school on Friday, April 28, resulting in a 0-0 tie. With the season coming to an end, the team has expressed high expectations for earning a spot to compete in state. For sophomore Molly Krispin, playing more intensive and showing their personality on the field can be an improvement to help achieve their goal.  

    “One thing we should work on is we should try to play more creatively. I know our team has tons of individual talent and we need to find a way to play together and not so direct or straightforward,” said Krispin.

    Nonetheless, Krispin expresses that in recent games working together to keep the ball out of their goal has been a significant improvement on the spartans behalf.

    “I think we accomplished working together defensively and not letting the other team score,” said Krispin.

    For sophomore Rayna Thomas, the team’s partnership has improved compared to the beginning of the season.   

    “For me our biggest accomplishment would be that we pulled together and kept ursuline from scoring. A lot of teamwork went into that,” said Thomas.

    For sophomore Mackenzie Daiber, she hopes finishing the season strong for the seniors on the team is one mindset going into the rest of the games.

    “I hope we can make the seniors proud and continue on playing our best,” said Daiber. “It’s kind of sad that the season is beginning to end, I’m sad to see the seniors go because I’m going to miss them like crazy.”

    Krispin and Thomas agree with Daiber, the seniors being a big impact on their goal to go into state and win it for them.
    “The season coming to a close is bittersweet but hopefully we’ll be able to keep it going to state. We’re sad to see the seniors go but more motivated to play harder and better to win their final games,” said Krispin.

    “I think everyone has grown in some way or the other since the beginning of the season,” said Thomas. “I’m proud of what we have done this year and I hope the team can carry this on to next year and make the seniors leaving proud.”  

    The next game is this Friday vs Summit at 6pm.