Soaring attitudes

Ultimate frisbee has the strength; now they just need the morale.


Try as they might, Ultimate Frisbee has been having a drought when it comes to wins. As the team practices and works towards their state tournament, they find themselves in a bit of a negative mood.  

Ultimate frisbee’s recent rough patch is nothing but a small obstacle in their way to the state tournament according to junior Andrew Siemers.

“We started off well, but it’s been a rough stretch these past couple games just because our morale has been kind of low,” Siemers said. “I think all we need to do is have a better attitude towards it. I know we can win and it’s something that we can do. Our attitude is just not where it needs to be right now.”

Junior Jackson Steiner believes that if they had more time, they could have turned the game around. The clock ran out on them right as they regained the upper hand.

“Last game, we got destroyed in the first half, and we started coming back in the second half but time just ran out,” Steiner said.

The players just a need a little bit of a morale boost to get them through their state tournament. They have the power; they just need the attitude. According to Steiner, they’re working hard to strengthen their weak areas to hopefully bring home some wins from their tournament.

“We’re working on defeating zones that are really tearing us up and stuff like that,” Steiner said. “We have better teamwork and a lot of different plays than we did last year.”

Sophomore Henry Silkwood has hope that they can make it with the new and old teammates and be just as good, if not, better, than last year’s team did.

“There’s a little bit of pressure on us to do as good as last year,” Silkwood said. “I’m kind of optimistic since we’ve got a lot of new talent”.