Act two

    The Spotlight Players have received three nominations for their most recent musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.”


    Kenzie Morris

    Gea Henry and Lukas pose with their medals. They were nominated for best actress and best scenic design respectively.

    On Monday, May 4, members of the FHC Spotlight Players attended a press conference and medal award ceremony at The Fabulous Fox for their nominations to compete in the Saint Louis High School Musical Awards. The theatre department received three nominations after judges came on the final night of “Once Upon A Mattress”. The musical was nominated for outstanding orchestra, outstanding set design by Michael Lloyd and Lukas Mendel, and Best Actress for Gea Henry’s portrayal of the lead, Winnifred. At the press conference, the nominees were called up and awarded medals for their nominations.

    Four representatives attended the ceremony Monday night, Gea Henry, Lukas Mendel, and Gea’s parents, Geda and Jim Henry. At the press conference, it was explained that while the winner of each category will be announced at a showcase later in May, the Actress Nominees have a more involved future ahead of them.

    “The nomination means that [Henry] and four other girls who were nominated in the best actress category will perform a medley of chosen songs from our musical at the Fox Theatre,” Henry said, “At that show, the winner will be announced, and the best actress will fly to New York to perform with professionals on a Broadway Stage alongside other actresses who won their regional contest.”

    This competition gives the FHC theatre department the opportunity to not only be recognized in the Saint Louis area, but nationally, should Henry advance. Henry, however, is mainly excited for the regional contest as of yet.

    “I always dreamt of performing on the Fox Theatre stage, but I just couldn’t believe that my dream would be coming true so soon,” Henry said.

    The FHC troupe director, Cori Nelson shares Henry’s sentiments about the event.

    “I am excited for the three actors that get to sing and dance on that stage,” Ms. Nelson said. “I can’t wait to see them shine.”

    The department has been invited to attend the showcase and final awards ceremony, where we have three of our own students performing in the show, and the winners of each category will be announced. The showcase will be held at the Fabulous Fox theatre on May 28, and tickets are available for anyone who wishes to attend on for $25.00.