The Rivalry

The girls varsity volleyball team faced off against Francis howell north in a 3n set trilogy.

Bryce lee, reporter

On Tuesday September 5th, 2017, the varsity girls volleyball team hosted the Francis Howell North Knights and finished with a win in 3 sets making their record 2 wins and 3 losses.

This season, the girls have gotten to a rough start by losing 3 of the 5 games they’ve played so far but are trying new adjustments to improve their record before the end of the season.

The game consisted of back and forth points being scored by both teams with the both grounds getting intense with every point receive.

Varsity outside and junior, Hannah Geostenkors, went into detail about how the team synced together to pull out the second win of the season.

“We knew were tired of losing so we had a talk prior to the about what we need to do in order to win because we feel that once we get on a roll, it’s very hard to beat us.” Geostenkors said.

Hannah was a big contributor to the win as well as her teammate Haley Vlassos.

“I thought we did really we’ll talking all game we just need to execute more” Vlassos said.

Vlassos is also a outside hitter and a junior who played well by getting many balls to the the setter and helping the team talk in the game as well as on the bench.

Varsity’s next game will be on Thursday September 7 and they will be hosted by the Troy Trojans.