A win in 3

Girls varsity volleyball team plays Fort Zumwalt West and wins in three sets to add to their win total this season.

Bryce Lee, reporter

On Tuesday September 12, the varsity girls volleyball team hosted Fort Zumwalt West High School and won in 3 sets. Both teams played well, but Central lead the majority of the sets.

Junior and outside hitter Hannah Geostenkors was very effective with her passes and her power hits to help the Spartans get the win.

“I think we played pretty well last night. We held our ground and didn’t put our heads down when West scored. We pretty much had an answer for everything they threw at us,” Geostenkors said.

This year will make the third year that she’s played varsity volleyball, and she intends on keeping up the good work.

Another person who tied into the win over West was sophomore outside hitter Liv Green who had a really good job of staying behind the ball and make sure she chose her spots on the court wisely.

Green also touched on how the girls’ defense was key and how the front row did an excellent job of penetrating the net and keeping the ball inbounds and on the other side.

“Everyone played well and we just connected on offense and defense. The defense really did their part by getting a lot of blocks which really helped everyone else in the back row,” Green said.

Green also has been playing varsity since her freshman year like her teammate, Hannah, as well as others.

Finally, sophomore setter Emily Mundle had a great night dishing out great sets and keeping her serves in play. Mundle had a streak of good sets that lead to a Spartan run in the first set which carried over to the second set that helped close out the game.

“I think i did good job last night. I just tried to focus on giving my teammates the sets possible and keeping the defense on their heel,” Mundle said.

The next game will be against Rockwood Summit High school on September 14.
Gracie Kruep