Match won

After much devastation this season, the girls’ golf team’s hard work has payed off. On Friday, September 15th, the lady Spartans came out on top against Troy Buchanan, in their last match of the season.

For senior Allison Ryan, it was her last match in high school forever. She was, of course, happy about the win, but sad that it will never happen again.

“It didn’t start to set in until my last putt on the ninth hole when I was like wow I’m never gonna get this again,’” Ryan said.

It was emotional for everyone knowing that Ryan won’t be doing another match, junior Gabrielle Berger and everyone else was very happy to win but upset that this is the last match they played with Ryan.

“It was great to finally win especially since it was Allison’s last match,” Berger said.

The win was so close, it was exactly one thing that allowed the girls to win their last match of the season. They were super nervous about it, they really wanted to win.

“We won by one stroke,” Ryan said, “For me, I was nervous because I felt as if I had a lot of pressure on me to do good since it was my last high school match.”

“We were all shocked that we won but we were super happy about it,” Berger said.

Everyone was happy about the win, but seniors like Ryan and from other teams, were upset about how it is their last match ever in high school, so upset that they ended up crying.

“The two girls I played with from Troy were also seniors and it was their last match as well and on the last hole we were all tearing up,” Ryan said.

Whether they would’ve won or not, they will now carry this memory with them, now wish them luck at districts, September 25.