A lot to celebrate

On Aug. 24, FHC will be having a fall festival to celebrate its fall sports as well as its new facility upgrades, such as the new turf field and new scoreboards. At this celebration, FHC’s turf field will be unveiled through a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Because of this ceremony, Activities Director Scott Harris saw this year as a perfect opportunity to begin an annual fall festival.

“It’s been on my to-do list as something that I’ve been wanting to get started,” Mr. Harris said. “The time was perfect this year.”

At the festival, fall athletes will march in a parade, all levels of cheer and dance will perform, the marching band will play, and fall sports teams will get the chance to play scrimmage games. Mr. Harris’ hopes for the day are that it will be a celebration to start off the year and a fun day for everyone.

“It gives cheer and dance a chance to perform in front of families and friends and will get everyone excited for their upcoming competitions,” Mr. Harris said.

As games, races, matches or competitions for fall activities begin Aug. 28, the 2013 FHC Fall Festival is scheduled perfectly to kick off the season. The Spartan Regiment is treating the festival as another performance opportunity for the band.

“It’s a great idea to show off all the new things our school has and to get all the groups on campus to show off in one place,” Mr. Nathan Griffin, the band director, said.

When told about the festival, the parents and students had a good reaction, according to Mr. Griffin. Although many other fall athletes have yet to be notified of the celebration, there seems to be positivity for the idea.

“It sounds like a lot of fun,” senior Scott Halbert said. “It’s a great idea.”

Although each sports team will be scrimmaging against other levels or the same level of their respective sport, Halbert, the varsity soccer goalie, would enjoy having all athletes from every fall sport scrimmage each other. He has wanted an opportunity for everyone to play against each other.

“I am leaving the scrimmage format up to each respective coach and program,” said Mr. Harris.

In addition to involving fall sports and activities in the festival, clubs will also get the chance to participate. Clubs and Parent Clubs will have tables set up and will be selling t-shirts and other merchandise. The festivities begin at 10 a.m. and is open to the public.

“We really want a huge crowd and celebration,” Mr. Harris said.