Costumes for two

Low on time? Try one of these costumes for you and your boo.


“Dunder MIffliln, this is Pam.”

Jessica Fults, Staff reporter

During the Halloween season couples face the dilemma of what to wear. These five moderately easy and fun costumes are the perfect idea. Whether you’re looking for something fun or cute, there’s something for you.


  • Jim and Pam from the hit TV show, The Office,  are a great costume idea for couples who are fans of the show.

Jim: Button down shirt, khakis, watch, and a tie.

Pam: Collared shirt or cardigan with a pencil skirt. Don’t forget the signature half up half down hairstyle.

You could also add Dunder Mifflin name tags for extra pizzazz:



  • Bob Ross and painting of a tree are an iconic duo for Halloween. Your friends and family will most likely get this reference.

Bob Ross: Wig, mustache, beard, collared shirt, jeans, paintbrush, and a palette.

Painting: A canvas with trees painted on them


  • Dressing up as an old couple is an adorable costume everyone can recognize. Adding old sweaters, wrinkles, hair spray and glasses elevate the look and give a more realistic finish


  • Not only is this idea perfect for Halloween, but very relevant because the first episode of Stranger Things  season 2 was on Oct. 27th. The Alphabet Wall and Joyce Byers is a unique costume from the show.

Alphabet wall: A shirt with a picture of the wall from Stranger Things on it.

Joyce Byers: A striped shirt, army green jacket, mom jeans, a fake axe, and rustled curly brown hair


  • Cosmo and Wanda are a blast from the past, the show Fairly Oddparents came out in 2001 and was a tv show many highschool students remember watching on Nickelodeon as a kid.

Cosmo: A gold crown, wings, green hair spray, awhite button down shirt, tie, and dress pants.

Wanda:A gold crown, wings, pink hair spray, a yellow t-shirt, and black jeans or leggings.


Check out spirit Halloween for some costume components like hairspray, makeup, and more: