Two competitions, one band banded together

The Spartan Regiment had an eventful fall break competing at two different competitions.


Two drum majors, Amy Wilkerson and Max Venker, celebrate their performance .

Jessica Fults, Staff Reporter

Over the break, The Spartan Regiment had a competition at Mizzou on Saturday, October 14th and competed at BOA (Bands of America) on Friday, October 20th. These were arguably two of the most important competitions during the season, and the band prepared thoroughly.

Before fall break started and the team had their competitions, they decided to finish strong and keep practicing according to junior guard member, Ashley Early.

“We’re really just moving with the team, and Griffin had a talk with the team yesterday and was like ‘we all need to band together or we could stop and relax before everyone goes on break,’ and we said we were going to keep pushing until the end of the season,” Early said.

Junior band member, Josiah Swafford, explains the steps the band goes through during their rehearsals to prepare for the competitions.

“Our daily rehearsals are pretty much our preparation. Each section rehearsals what they need to and about halfway through the rehearsal we come together with the entire band, run some stuff and do two reps of the show together just to make sure everything fits in well,” Swafford said.

The competition at Mizzou started in the right direction but due to missing members continued in a shaky direction, Sophomore Anne Meister recalls. The band ended up placing 8th overall.

“We did have to leave because there was a tornado warning, but we got to finish our show. It was bad because like half of us were out,” Meister said.

In comparison to the competition at Mizzou, the BAO one went more smoothly. The team did exceptionally well.

“We actually have placed the highest that we ever have, 33rd place. It seems low but it’s pretty high for that competition.,” Swafford said.

At BOA the band saw some of their rivals and one of them placed among the top 5 bands.

“Rock bridge high school is usually a pretty big rival. Blue Springs was there, we went to Blue Springs last year and they’re like one of the top bands. I think they placed second place there,” Swafford said.

As the season wraps up, the band’s last competition is against Howell which they beat at BOA and Meister is looking forward to it.

“I’m looking forward to [our next competition]. It’s at Howell so it’s close, and I know people at Howell so it’s always fun,” Meister said.