Who is Lily Chung?

You see her running down sidewalks, through parking lots, and on trails but who is Lily Chung?

Jennifer Ferry, Staff reporter

Cross country is one of the most visible sports of FHC with most practices occurring not only on campus but also on the streets and in the parks of Cottleville. But what most people don’t know is just how difficult it is for cross country runners to make it to state. Most runners on the team will never make it to state, but this year a runner shocked everyone by making it to state as a freshman.

For those who don’t know, Lily Chung has achieved notoriety around the halls of FHC for being the first female freshman to qualify for state since 2011, meaning it’s been six years since a freshman girl was able to go to state.

What makes Chung’s state run even more incredible is that, prior to this year, Chung had never been involved in a cross country team,

 “I did Girls on the Run before but nothing else,” Chung said. Girls on the Run is a program for girls in both middle school and elementary school that is designed to empower girls through running and other exercises. “I really didn’t expect to get this far because I’ve never been on a cross country team before but it’s been great.”

Mrs. Breuer, a guidance counselor who has been a cross country coach since the building opened, thinks the fact that a freshman went to state is great. According to Mrs. Bruer

“It’s amazing. It really is”.

As a coach Mrs. Bruer always wants more runners to make it to state, and would recommend to other runners that,

“The best thing you can do is be involved in another sport. Playing year round keeps you fit.”

As for Chung, she recommends training on many surfaces and types of tracks.

“I practiced running on different types of ground: grass and concrete mainly. I also did a lot of hills to build up my endurance,”  she said.

Basically both Chung and Mrs. Bruer agree that the way to state requires lots of practice both with the team and as an individual. Chung eloquently summed up the entirety of her cross country season when she said,

“It’s been great.””

— Lily Chung

“It’s been great.”