A little stitious

Hockey’s peculiarity with superstitons

Like any other sport, hockey is a game that requires skill and plenty of practice to become good at it. However, hockey and various other sports also share a much less obvious similarity: superstitions. Hockey is amongst the most superstitious, players incorporating superstitions into routines or games. Team captain Corey Moats is amongst the players with a routine.

“Every pad that has the left and right side, I put the right on first,” he said.

Many players even believe that without their traditions, a loss will fall onto the team no matter how well they play. A team superstition is they have to listen to music, according to senior Sean Poth; whether it be their own or the team’s.

“We blast music in the locker room and stretch as a team to warm up,” Poth said

The team also takes measures that lead into superstitions, like keeping their equipment in good shape.

“Some people put new tape on their stick before every game because it’s fresh and it’s a new game,” Poth said.

Still, not all players believe in superstitions. They may participate in the stretching and music, but neither are integral parts of their pre or post-game routine. The players, however much they may believe in superstitions, also believe in their own skills as a player and team to win their games. The team also enjoys when the school comes to support them; sophomore Tyler Bradley likes seeing support from his classmates.

“People should come to games because the more support shown, the better we play,” Bradley said.