Diverse Friendship

    Having differences can be great in your life


    Friend group Steffany Hinkebein, John Adams, Zac Bishop, and Ethan Wagman are very close despite all there unique differences. Steffany is a pilot, John is a gamer, Zac is a football player, and Ethan is a photographer, they all do different things but that is what makes them close.

    In this day in age, we spend a lot of our time with the same group of people, all through middle school and all through high school. It is easier for us, it is easy to spend our time and hang out with people who you know you get along with and enjoy spending time with.

    It is harder for all of us to go to someone we have nothing in common with and someone we do not know anything about. Very rarely do we step out of our comfort zone, when it is something we should do more often.

    Meeting new people and hanging out with those you wouldn’t normally sit at lunch with or go to the mall with, can benefit you for many reasons. First, it can make you do things you have never done before, not, of course, against your will.

    Let’s say you have always wanted to go to a haunted house then you befriend someone who loves spooky stuff and they convince you to go. Obviously, if it will make you uncomfortable, don’t do it, but if it makes you confront your fears, then go for it!

    Another reason why you should have a diverse friend group is because it can benefit each person because there’s always someone to help you out. Say you have trouble in math, and you meet someone who is a genius at it, this benefits you because they can help you by tutoring you or giving you some tips. You wouldn’t be able to do that if all your other close friends aren’t good in math either.

    Having friends from different religions, backgrounds, ethics, classes, race, etc, can change our views on things as well, and give us a better understanding. Have you ever questioned why someone could be atheist? Or why someone is Catholic? Who better to ask than someone who has experience it and knows it.

    Having different friends can also help you understand others better with those with mental illness. Mental illness is a hard thing to understand and having someone who is there to help and be a shoulder to cry on is even harder to find.

    So if you happen to befriend someone who is struggling, you might get a more understanding view on why they are struggling and even find new ways to cheer or help them out, which is a reward in itself.

    Another reason why it can benefit is because it can help you understand and get to know other languages. Not everyone only speaks English, many know Spanish or even French. So, if you are questioning or interested in learning about a different language and befriend someone who happens to know another language, there is another learning opportunity.

    That also includes learning the culture.

    Also in this school community there are students who are part of the LGBT community, being able and acceptable to become friends with those who are in that community you could have the opportunity to get to know that atmosphere as well.

    Getting to know people who you wouldn’t normally sit at lunch or hang out with on the weekends is an opportunity to grow and mature as person.