A taste of victory

The hockey team breaks their losing streak and wins for the second time this year against their biggest rival.

Throughout the season, the hockey team has significantly improved. From losing their first game, to winning substantially against Howell with a 6-0 lead, the boys show no signs of slowing down.

After losing two games in a row, defensive right side, Dominic Renaud is looking forward to improving their record.

“Our mindset, since we’ve been losing a couple games recently, was just to win and get our record back on track,” Renaud said.

Renaud is looking forward to improving the record because he wants the team to do well at playoffs since it’s his last year on the team, and wants to make it the best one yet.

“If we make it far in playoffs, I would love for our team to make it far, so that would be a really fun event if we make it all the way,” said Renaud.

Left wing, Rayan Barghchoun, is hoping the team makes it to an influential event for the hockey team.

“Tournaments are always fun, two years ago we went to the WIC and if we do that again, that would be great,” Bargchoun said.

There is one characteristic several of the team members enjoy about hockey, and senior Sean Poth shares what they all love about the game as a whole.

“[My favorite part is] the intensity of it, it’s a fast sport. It’s always interesting,” Poth said.

Before the game even started, their motivation to win was higher than usual because Howell is their biggest rival.

“For the past few years we have always beaten Howell, so we wanted to beat Howell really badly. We were going into the game ready to win,” Bargchoun said.

The win was particularly satisfying for the team because Howell didn’t score once. Renaud explains the satisfaction of the significant lead that lead to the win.

“Last game we beat Howell, and [the highlight was] the game-winning goal and knowing we had the game locked-down for a win,” Renaud said.

After such a meaningful win, Bargchoun has a positive outlook for the rest of the games this season.

“It started off slow but we’re beginning to pick up the pace and it looks like it’s going to be a not too shabby season.”