Sensations slide into second

JV and varsity sensations take second place in hip-hop and jazz at Lindbergh.


Sydney Robbins

Sensations pose in support of their coach. The girls always keep their coach in their hearts.

One of the schools most mesmerizing and demanding programs the school has to offer is the dance program. Both the varsity and JV Sensations opened their competition season on December 2nd at Lindbergh High School, placing 2nd in both Hip-hop and Jazz.  Sophomore Varsity dancer Sydney Aleksick is overjoyed with how the team performed.

“…it’s the first competition, and everyone’s a little rough around the edges with their dances…we were really proud that we beat Howell…It was just awesome,” Aleksick said.

Sophomore Varsity dancer Mackenzie Ryan also felt the pressure of competing against not only their biggest rival, Howell, but several other schools who were putting forth their best efforts.

“All the other teams were so good and we had some hard competition,” Ryan said.

In order to perform so well, the Sensations rarely ever take a break, they practice year round with only a couple weeks of a break. Their hard work is easily seen through their phenomenal performances, and with the upcoming competition they stepped it up even more.

Ryan felt the frequent and intense practice helped them perform so well.

“We all worked so hard and practiced 24/7. With morning practice and after school practice we all felt prepared for the competition,” Ryan said.

 But throughout the process of preparing, the team took time to bond and prepare not just physically but also mentally. Freshman JV dancer Anna Muehlenbrock shared one of the many ways the ladies have bonded.

“We kept going over the dances and talking about the competition but we also spent time together the night before to calm our nerves,” Muehlenbrock said.

This was the first competition since the girls found out about their coach, Mrs. Roxanne Fetsch, being diagnosed with Leukemia. This is an emotional time for the girls, but by thinking of their coach and her strength, they find the motivation to give it their all.

“We were dancing with a flame in our hearts because we were dancing for Roxanne,” Aleksick said.

Roxanne, along with their passion for the sport, allowed the ladies to earn 2nd. They’re already back at practice and anticipating their next competition.