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Sydney Robbins

Sydney Robbins, Staff photographer

Sydney Robbins is a senior, and this is her second year on staff and first year as the Photo Editor. In her free time she enjoys taking pictures and spending quality time with her dog, Trooper. 5 out of 7 days in the week she gets ready in room 139. Sydney also enjoys long walks to the fridge and romantic comedies. She's terrible at bowling (even with the bumpers) but still enjoys it especially at Brunswick Zone XL where they have really, really, really good food ( especially the monster cookie). After high school she plans to use her free two years at SCC using her A+ hours then she plans to major in Graphic Design Technology and minor in Photography.

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[Video] PSA: Suicide awareness

Connor Crites, Video Editor
March 14, 2018
An emotional state

An emotional state

Sydney Robbins, Photography Editor
February 26, 2018
Lawrence sits at his usual spot outside Hunkys Diner at night, face illuminated by the red neon sign. He regualarly comes to this spot to play his music and take in the surroundings of the Bishop Arts District.

[Photo] Rhythm of change

February 15, 2018
Sam prepares for his stressful audition, knowing fully well how intense it can become. He has tried out all four years he has been in high school.

[Photo] Making the cuts

December 7, 2017
Mr. Koz discusses with a student the best way to go about one of many complicated problems. Pre-AP Chem is one of the most intensive honors classes offered at FHC.

[Photo] The chemistry guy

February 16, 2017
Senior Laura Weiss and junior Abram Cutshall perform their scene on VIP night of Almost, Maine. Their scene depicts Cutshall not being able to feel pain and Weiss as constantly feeling pain.

[Photo] Maine event

November 22, 2016
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